A Review of Year 1:

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In this installment of Concept House’s monthly blog series we’re going to be changing it up a bit. Rather than post an informative industry related article, we’re going to write about our past year of business in honor of celebrating our one year anniversary of Concept House. Now i’m sure most of you reading this have already checked out our About Us page and know a little bit about who we are and were we came from.

But for those of you haven’t yet checked out more pages on our website i’ll give you a short summary. Concept House is run by as a partnership consisting of friends John and Rodrigo. We met in college back in Connecticut and both have a love of design (obviously). Creating our own shop has always been a dream for both of us dating back as far as we can remember, and in 2017 after a long time of research and thought we took the plunge. John had already been running a successful freelancing gig under JH Creative┬ábut aspired for more. So John and Rodrigo partnered up together and we re-branded to Concept House Marketing, LLC and have been working hard together ever since.

This past year..

This past year of business has been an amazing adventure, and we’ve definitely learned a lot. We spent a lot of time thinking of what ways we could best spread our message to people. We worked on a direct mail program directly to businesses, we worked on improving and implementing our adwords program. We’ve been active in guerrilla marketing, we’ve worked very hard at keeping our social media active and interesting. Most recently we’ve started our very own blog series. From trying these different avenues on getting ourselves out there we’ve learned a lot about what works, what doesn’t, and what is actually worth the money we’ve spent.

Looking forward..

Looking forward to our year 2 we want to continue with a lot of the things we tried in year 1. Our social media presence is at the top of that list (so remember to check us out and follow, instagram, facebook, and twitter), along with continuing our blog presence and hopefully soon start ramping up our content to more than just once a month.

Our first year at Concept House has been an absolute blast. We genuinely want to thank everyone of you who follows us, reads us, connects with us, WORKS WITH US. You’ve all been great and we look forward to exceeding your expectations in 2018 and beyond. We hope to one day be one of the top agencies in Atlanta. We can’t do that without all of your support. Remember that any work booked with us now through May 10th, 2018 will be discounted by 10%*. Want to have a look into our brains during our re-branding process? check out some of the original logo concepts below!

*discount does not apply to any out of house costs such as, but not limited to, printer and ad placement costs.

Let us know if you think any of our old logo concepts had potential in the comments below!